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Christine Rodriguez, LMHC, NCC

Clarity OCD and Anxiety Center

Christine Rodriguez, is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor who specializes in the treatment of pediatric and adolescent anxiety disorders. She is the owner of The Clarity OCD and Anxiety Center and offers a wealth of expertise and a commitment to evidence-based therapies for childhood anxiety disorders.

Her clinical focus spans a spectrum of anxiety disorders prevalent in the pediatric and adolescent population, encompassing social anxiety, selective mutism, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), generalized anxiety disorder, and various phobias. She approaches each child and family with a tailored, evidence-based therapeutic approach, ensuring a comprehensive and effective treatment plan.

Selective mutism, in particular, holds a special emphasis in her practice. Recognizing the unique challenges associated with this condition, Christine implements evidence-based interventions that foster gradual progress and empower children to build confidence. Her approach is holistic, considering the individual needs of each child and collaborating closely with their families, schools, and other mental health providers.

In addition to traditional in-office counseling, Christine extends her services to Telehealth, home visits, school visits, and consultations with educational institutions and fellow mental health professionals. She adopts a versatile and client-centered approach, she provides accessible and comprehensive care that meets the unique needs of each child and their support network. As a committed advocate for mental health in children and adolescents, Christine is dedicated to staying informed about the latest research and therapeutic modalities. Through ongoing professional development, she ensures her practice reflects the most current and effective strategies for addressing pediatric and adolescent anxiety disorders.

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