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Dana Mckennon, Psy.D.

Kids Counseling, PC

Dana Mckennon, Psy.D. is a therapist specializing in individual and family therapy, and maintains a private practice in Lincolnshire and Arlington Heights, IL. at Northwest Behavioral Health Services. Dr. Mckennon has 16 years of experience as a clinician and is well versed in psychological testing for learning disabilities and complex mental health disorders. She earned a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Brigham Young University. She also has obtained a degree and licensing as a School Psychologist from National-Louis University. She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and a Licensed School Psychologist. Her education and experience contributes to a unique sensitivity to children's emotional, behavioral, and educational needs. She worked for eight years in the capacity of a school psychologist for an elementary school prior to entering full time private practice. She has taught as an adjunct professor at National-Louis University, teaching cognition, memory and learning, as well as educational and counseling psychology courses in both undergraduate and graduate programs. At Kids Counseling, she provides child, adolescent and family therapy specializing in anxiety disorders, including selective mutism, social anxiety, separation anxiety, specific phobias, and OCD, through cognitive behavioral interventions. Finally, she has obtained training and certification in treating trichotillomania and excoriation, as well as OCD implementing exposure and response prevention, evidence based, treatments. She is an advocate to children and adolescents with special needs and consults as an expert witness.

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175 Olde Half Day Road
Suite 140-10
Lincolnshire, Illinois
United States
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