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Jaime Gilbert, LPC

Flagstaff Counseling Center

I am an independently licensed counselor with more than 15 yrs experience providing mental/behavioral health therapy for children (ages 3 yrs +) and their families. I recently relocated from the Columbus, Ohio area, to Flagstaff, Arizona.

While working as an Out-Patient Therapist at Nationwide Childrens' Hospital in Columbus, OH, I received training and experience in use of CBT for treatment of Social Anxiety Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and specific Phobias, as well as training and supervision in use of ERP for treatment of OCD.

Throughout my clinical experiences, I recognized the need for further understanding and training in effective treatment of Selective Mutism (SM), leading me to pursue specialized training with Thriving Minds Behavioral Health, in Brighton, MI. The more I learned about Selective Mutism, the more passionate I became about helping children and families who are struggling with SM. Over the course of 3 summers, I received approximately 120 hrs of direct, supervised clinical practice in treatment of Selective Mutism, while working as a volunteer counselor for Thriving Minds' Confident Kids Camp (CKC), an intensive therapy "camp" for children and adolescents with Selective Mutism.

I am currently able to provide in-person Therapy in Flagstaff, AZ, as well as telehealth for a select number of families who reside in Arizona and Ohio.

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408 N. Kendrick St, Ste #4
Flagstaff, Arizona
United States
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Licensed In: AZ, Flagstaff, OH
In Person & TeleHealth