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Audrey E. Boggs, Psy.D.

Dr. Audrey E. Boggs

Dr. Audrey E. Boggs specializes in selective mutism; social phobia; anxiety disorders; infant and early childhood mental health; trauma/post-traumatic stress disorder; supervision, presentations and training for professionals; children, adolescents, young adults, and families.

Dr. Boggs’ Selective Mutism Anxiety Reduction Therapy (SMART) is designed to reduce anxiety by developing effective coping skills while using nonverbal interventions and gradual systematic desensitization. SMART utilizes community and school-based cognitive-behavioral therapy, family psychoeducation/treatment, and ongoing, comprehensive assessment. It is a multidisciplinary treatment including collaboration with other professionals, and utilizes a combination of treatments that have been validated in the treatment of anxiety disorders and selective mutism. Treatment is active and team based, involving the individual, family, school while practicing skills in the community. Each child/teen/young adult is given individualized treatment goals and progresses gradually, at their own pace, with the understanding and support of their treatment team.

A Work of Heart is the culmination of Dr. Boggs’ personal experience overcoming selective mutism and social phobia; she began speaking in public at age 15 and continued to cope with social anxiety for many years while completing college and graduate school. Her initial goal of becoming a singer and actress led Dr. Boggs to learning skills very similar to those used in cognitive-behavioral therapy. Her passion soon turned toward helping others with anxiety, hence, her specialty practice in selective mutism.

Postgraduate Fellowship: Infant-Parent Mental Health, 4/2015

University of Massachusetts, Boston, MA

Napa, CA Program

Doctor of Clinical Psychology (Psy.D.), 12/2005

Child and Family Emphasis

California School of Professional Psychology at

Alliant International University, San Francisco, CA

Dissertation: Selective Mutism Anxiety Reduction Therapy

APA-Accredited Internship, Child and Family Psychology, 8/2005

Child and Family Guidance Center, Northridge, CA

Master of Arts, Clinical Psychology (M.A.), 10/2003

California School of Professional Psychology at

Alliant International University, San Francisco, CA

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (B.A.), 5/2001

Sonoma State University, Rohnert Park, CA

Associate Teacher in Child Development, 12/1997

Santa Rosa Junior College, Santa Rosa, CA

Dr. Audrey E. Boggs

Private Practice: A Work of Heart, Child and Family Center

Serving the Greater Los Angeles Area

Travel by Arrangement – Los Angeles and Ventura Counties

Main Office:

30423 Canwood Street, Suite 130

Agoura Hills, CA 91301

818-570-CHAT (2428)

Contact Info:

1280 S. Victoria Ave. Suite 130, Ventura, CA 93003
Licensed In: CA
In Person & TeleHealth