Thanks to a generous donation from an SMA family and the beautiful design by Boondock Walker (formerly Nead Brand Partners) and implementation by Rob Hawkins of 315 Caxton and Michael Lehto, SMA has a new brand identity and beautiful online presence. The site redesign came just at the right time, as SMA has been experiencing explosive organizational growth and recognized the need to meet the increasing demand for easy to access, useful information and support as it relates to learning about SM. Within the first three weeks of launching the SMA website on January 14, 2008, web traffic reports show over 100,000 page views coming from visitors from 100 countries around the world.

SMA is very excited about its new web presence and looks forward to leveraging this site in its mission to increase awareness and facilitate early detection of SM. Be sure to check the site frequently, as many planned enhancements to the site will take place throughout the year. As you explore the site, please let us know how SMA is doing and how the site can continue to meet your needs.

Thank you for your active participation within the SMA community. Together, we can Rid The Silence of SM.