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Randi Loeb, MS CCC SLP

Children's Speech and Language Services

Randi Loeb, M.S. CCC SLP is a founding partner and co-director of Children’s Speech and Language Services, LLC. She has over 25 years of experience as a certified Speech-Language Pathologist. Randi specializes in Social Communication and focuses her Selective Mutism (SM) practice on children ages 3 – 8. Randi provides assessments, direct treatment, and parent/caregiver/teacher consultations, as well as advocacy for children at school meetings. Randi has also been an adjunct instructor in the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program at Emerson College.

Randi’s extensive experience treating social communication provides the foundation for her approach with children experiencing SM. Working closely with the child’s parents, teachers, and therapist(s) is central to her therapy. She focuses on building a trusting relationship with the child, guiding parents and school in creating communication environments that support social interactions, and systematically broadening the range of contexts and the variety of people with whom the child speaks. Randi uses play, humor, role-play and crafts to engage children. She has found success seeing children in pairs, where one child who has been in therapy models for the child who is newer to treatment. Randi has the advantage of working in a practice with several therapists who provide opportunities for children to expand their verbal network.

Randi is in private practice in Lexington MA. She often collaborates with Karen Levine, PhD. a developmental psychologist with particular expertise working with children with anxiety.

Randi Loeb, MS CCC SLP

Children’s Speech and Language Services, LLC

57 Bedford Street

Suite 203

Lexington, MA 02420


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57 Bedford Street
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