Dr. Tracey Ward is currently a postdoctoral fellow at The Seattle Clinic in Seattle, WA. She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Seattle Pacific University and completed her pre-doctoral internship in the Child Track at Seattle Children’s Hospital within the University of Washington, School of Medicine. Dr. Ward’s clinical practice spans both assessment and therapy for children and teens in the areas of obsessive compulsive disorder, challenging behaviors in young children, autism spectrum disorders, and anxiety disorders – with a particular expertise in selective mutism. Dr. Ward specializes in evidence-based treatments that include cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure-based therapies, and behavioral parent training. Her training includes inpatient settings, intensive outpatient treatment programs addressing selective mutism and OCD, and outpatient and assessment clinics at Seattle Children’s Hospital Psychiatry Department and Autism Center, University of Washington, Center for Human Development and Disability, and Advanced Therapeutic Solutions in Chicago, Illinois.

She is passionate about helping children and teens overcome anxiety and work towards enjoying their life to the fullest. Her treatment approach primarily includes exposure-based therapies, such as exposure and response prevention (ERP). As a cognitive-behavioral therapist, she continuously evaluates empirically supported research and applies it to therapy in a meaningful and engaging way. She specializes in treating children with selective mutism, an anxiety disorder in which children have difficulty speaking in public despite the ability to speak. She has trained extensively in both Seattle and Chicago with leading experts in the field, co-developed a selective mutism treatment group at the Seattle Children’s Hospital, led intensive treatment sessions and camps focused on treating selective mutism, provided trainings to teachers/school personnel and treatment within the school setting. Dr. Ward also has a particular expertise in working with children with ASD and selective mutism.

Selective mutism requires a specific treatment approach that includes gradual exposure to speaking that enables children to become comfortable speaking, as well as parent-child interaction therapy adapted for selective mutism (PCIT-SM). As such, she works extensively with parents and teachers to provide behavioral training and develop a treatment plan with a team based approach to set children up for success in home, school and the community.

Tracey Ward, Ph.D.
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