Dr. Sandra Eisemann is a licensed Psychologist in private practice in Durango, Colorado. Her approach to the treatment of Selective Mutism is based on a team approach that includes collaboration with the parents, the school staff, parent training and therapy with the child. The treatment plan is designed to meet the individual needs of the child and family.

She received her Master’s degree in Psychiatric Nursing from Boston University and received her Doctorate in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin. Her clinical training was in the Psychiatry Department of the University of Wisconsin Medical School. She was on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin.

She works with children and adults with a variety of issues . In addition to working with children and adolescents with Selective Mutism she treats individuals with ADHD, Depression and Bi polar disorder, anxiety related to food allergies and social anxiety , She also specializes in working with children and adults who present with Spectrum disorders and Developmental Delays. Her practice includes treatment of couples and families.

She is available for phone consultations regarding children and adolescents who present with Selective Mutism.

2530 Colorado Avenue Suite 2 A
Durango Co 81301
970-403-4223 Phone
970- 259-2419 Fax