Sabine Laerum is a certified PCIT-SM Therapist, Speech- and Language Therapist & Patholinguist (University of Postdam, Germany) and holds a Masters of Linguistics and Rhetoric (University of Tuebingen, Germany). She specializes in the assessment and treatment of Selective Mutism, including in the presence of co-morbid speech and language difficulties or challenges in regard to being bi- or multilingual. Her treatment approach centers on working with a team approach, including child, parents, educators and additional treating professionals to improve communication and speech, and reduce anxiety primarily using PCIT-SM techniques.

Sabine’s nationality is German and Swiss. After living in Germany and the US, she now is located in Switzerland (Canton of Zurich). She offers her services in either German or English and works with children, their families and educators in Switzerland and Germany, where she is licensed. She is also a SMA State Coordinator for both countries.

• Sabine has done several embedded school and home intensives, and will travel to German-or English -speaking families in Europe (if the law of the state where the family lives, approves it). For an intensive she embeds with the family to provide intensive treatment where the family lives and where the child goes to school. During the intensive she helps the child to talk to peers and adults in multiple settings and situations, coaches the parents and models how others can successfully engage the child as well as teaches school staff how to carry on.

• Through distance case consultation Sabine supports therapists, who are not trained in treating Selective Mutism but who are willing to be coached to advance their SM-specific skills. Parents and/or therapists can request this service.

• Sabine also offers individually designed staff trainings for Kindergartens and schools with the goal to provide psychoeducation about Selective Mutism and actual practice and coaching of skills that will help children to feel less anxious and thus being more likely to talk at school. If desired, she also offers follow-up case consultations.

• Sabine strongly believes in the importance of promoting awareness and support for children, teens, and adults with Selective Mutism and their families. Thus, she also regularly leads workshops and seminars about selective mutism for teachers, therapists, parents, pediatricians etc. and, aditionally, has teaching assignments at the German Universities of Potsdam and Giessen, where she trains students of Speech and Language Therapy as well as prospective Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists.

• Sabine is happy to offer her services also via Telehealth, so parents and their children can get help via ZOOM from the comfort of their own home, and educators, therapists, pediatricians etc. can be supported regardless of their location.

Sabine Laerum, SLP, MA, certified PCIT-SM therapist
Zollikon/ Canton Zurich/ Switzerland