As a parent, witnessing your child having difficulties verbally engaging with others can be a confusing, frustrating, and concerning experience. For your child, these difficulties can be literally paralyzing, as their anxiety can feel overwhelming and impossible to surmount. Ultimately, the effects of Selective Mutism (SM) can be and often are extremely challenging for a child and their family.
Conversely, imagine witnessing your child with SM confidently ordering an ice cream cone from an employee, or hearing about the amazing job that your child did on their oral presentation given in front of their teacher and peers at school. These would be pretty amazing accomplishments, right?

These transformations are what have made Dr. Haig so passionate about working with children diagnosed with SM. Seeing the progress these children are able to make and the confidence they are able to build generate extremely rewarding, awe-inspiring experiences. These transformations provide Dr. Haig with a strong motivation to provide appropriate support and the extra push that allows these individuals to reach their goals.

Dr. Haig is a licensed psychologist with Pinnacle Counseling and Testing Center, where she has treated a variety of clients with SM and other anxiety disorders. She has helped lead Pinnacle Counseling and Testing Center’s SM camp, Outside Voice for older and younger children, as well as co-lead various half-day group therapy intensives.

For the treatment of SM and other anxiety disorders, Dr. Haig utilizes evidenced-based approaches in order to assist the child with speaking more freely and decreasing their anxiety in settings that were originally viewed as scary or uncomfortable. She provides stress management techniques and provides individuals with “tool kits” that they can access in order to manage their distress more appropriately. Once the child feels more comfortable using a brave voice within the therapy room, Dr. Haig takes the individual on exposure excursions in the community as well as in the individual’s school. During these activities, individuals courageously practice using the skills that they have learned within the therapy room. Dr. Haig works diligently with the whole family unit to ensure that progress is achieved and maintained.

Dr. Lindsay Haig, Psy.D.
Licensed Psychologist (PSY30992)


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