Dr. Welch has worked in the area of childhood anxiety disorders for many years. Before her private practice was a school psychologist, and previously a school teacher. She developed a special interest in Selective Mutism years ago, being such a misunderstood diagnosis. Since then attended many professional trainings and developed relationships with researchers across the country.

Dr. Welch now gives workshops to parents, college students, school administrators/educators and mental health clinicians to demystify Selective Mutism.

In her work with children a team approach is used, involving the home and school community. The focus of therapy is to teach coping skills, develop a tool box of strategies to lower anxiety using cognitive-behavioral therapy, along with desensitization, relaxation and self-esteem building.

Dr. Welch is on the referral list for the UCLA Childhood OCD, Anxiety & Tic Disorders Clinic. It is an honor to work with these children, heroic in their efforts to break their silence.

Dogtor Louie a licensed and registered therapy dog assists Dr. Welch in her office.

Judy Welch, Psy.D.
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