Jayne Steinberg is a licensed Speech-Language Pathologist with over 20 years of experience assessing and treating pediatric communication disorders. Aside from her work with clients in her private practice, Jayne has been working for many years serving students diagnosed with Anxiety Disorders, who also require communication intervention, as well as those in need of augmentative and alternative communication devices (low and hi-tech).

It has been a passion of hers to learn as much as she can about Anxiety Disorders, as one of her children is diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and another with Selective Mutism. While she found that there was much known about Generalized Anxiety Disorder, she quickly found out that pediatricians, neuropsychologists, psychologists, school staff and speech-language pathologists knew little to nothing about Selective Mutism, and were unable to offer support or resources. Even as a trained therapist herself, Jayne was puzzled by the condition and overwhelmed with the lack of awareness professionals demonstrated when she would speak of the diagnosis. Once her daughter was diagnosed, Jayne spent months accessing every resource she could find – meeting treating professionals and reading every book published on the topic. She attended the annual SM Conference sponsored by SMG, and collaborates with treating professionals from all over the world. Jayne added SM as a focus to her work after realizing that all of the healing modalities she already knew, coupled with the behavioral strategies that she learned to help her daughter, were responsible for her daughter’s quick and marked progress. Jayne is also dedicated to spreading the word about SM in and around her local community. In addition, Jayne is committed is designing a conference for families to learn about all the modalities she has found helpful, in order for families to quickly benefit from her knowledge, which is a compilation of 14 years of her research and experimentation.

Jayne incorporates adapted Parent Child Interaction Therapy for SM and Reflex Integration work into her sessions with children diagnosed with SM. She is also keenly aware about how nutrition plays a critical role in healing. As a parent of a child healing from SM, she is especially sensitive to the daily struggles families face working with their own children suffering from SM, as well as how difficult it can be to be an effective advocate to secure the appropriate supports at school.  Through her own experience with her daughter, coupled with her work with an educational attorney, Jayne has also become adept at helping families effectively advocate for their kids to insure they are appropriately supported at school.

Jayne Steinberg, MA, CCC-SLP
Moving Into the Zone
Holliston, MA