Dr. Cooper has a specialized interest in treating children with anxiety disorders and has conducted research on the relationship between temperament and Selective Mutism. Dr. Cooper subscribes to the current research that conceptualizes Selective Mutism as an anxiety disorder. She understands the mutism as a symptom of the anxiety and therefore her focus is on lowering anxiety and teaching coping skills before beginning to use behavioral techniques to increase speech. Dr. Cooper believes that the most important part of treating children suffering from Selective Mutism is working closely as a team with parents, the school, relatives and anyone else involved in the child’s life Dr. Cooper currently has a private practice where she specializes in the treatment of SM, behavior problems and other anxiety disorders.

Hayley Cooper, Psy.D.
Parent and Child Psychological Services
email: hcooper@pacpsychnyc.com
phone: (212) 678-7792
website: www.pacpsychnyc.com

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