Licensed, Fabiana Baracchini has a Degree in Psychology. She is Director of the Centro Mutismo Selectivo Internacional and is a graduate from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. In the last fifteen years, she has specialized in selective mutism and behaviors of socio-communication inhibition, school phobia and social phobia in children and adolescents. Since 2009, Fabiana has been an International Coordinator of the Selective Mutism Association. Since taking on this role, she has actively participated in the SMA Conferences held in Chicago and New York-USA (in the latter, she has presented a Poster about the experience of the Group Treatment Program provided by the Centro Mutismo Selectivo Internacional).

Fabiana deepened specialization in selective Mutism, taking seminars about selective mutism at the Smart Center in Philadelphia-USA and at University College, London. She also participated at Mighty Mouth Camp in New York at Kurtz Psychology Consulting. She is the Coordinator of the Selective Mutism Seminar dictated by the Universidad de Buenos Aires.

Fabiana Baracchini has written the book “Juanita cuenta su historia”, this being the first book in Spanish for children with selective mutism. The selective mutism treatment provided by Baracchini is recognized in spanish-speaking countries. She has traveled to help families in Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Paraguay, among others and has provided virtual counseling to hundreds of spanish-speaking families settled in different parts of the world, including China, Brazil, the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Norwey, Canada, France and Switzerland. Her vast experience on the subject of Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety has made mass media require her query for the awareness of the problem, highlights notes made by the newspaper La Nación, radio and television.
Currently, Fabiana, in addition to providing socio-therapeutic assistance, conducts training and dissertations at conferences and national and international institutions on the subject of her specialization.

Fabiana Baracchini
Director of the Centro Mutismo Selectivo Internacional
Universidad de Buenos Aires
Buenos Aries, AR
0054- 9-11-3274-1667 Phone