Dr. Clarissa Gosney specializes in treating Selective Mutism

Watching a child who had never spoken to another adult outside of her own home (before therapy) proudly trot around a grocery store asking for help from numerous employees… Seeing a child talk to her teacher and classmates after 3 years of non-verbal school attendance… Hearing that a young woman was able to successfully transition to a young adult’s community therapy group AND verbally engage with all of the group members and counselor… Getting a call from a parent excitedly sharing that her daughter, whom had never spoken in school before, not only just completed her first-ever oral presentation, but answered 20-minutes worth of students’ questions afterward because her classmates were so excited to hear her talk for the first time! …These are the stories that fuel Dr. Gosney’s passion for working with individuals with Selective Mutism (SM).

Dr. Gosney’s journey with Selective Mutism began with a single child

Clarissa’s SM journey began with the hope of one mother who was desperately searching for a local treatment provider for her child with SM. Since then, Dr. Gosney has treated numerous clients with SM in individual therapy, she has served as a counselor at a Mighty Mouth camp, and has been the Director of Half-Day Group Intensive sessions for children. She is also the owner of Pinnacle Counseling and Testing Center which trains other psychologists in San Diego and Murrieta in the treatment of Selective Mutism. Pinnacle Counseling and Testing Center now operates “Outside Voice,” a multi-day camp for children with SM, with separate camps for young children ages 3-9 and older children ages 10-14.

Dr. Gosney offers an array of treatments for Selective Mutism

Dr. Gosney also provides individual and family therapy for clients of all ages with SM and other anxiety disorders. After her clients become comfortable speaking with her in the therapy setting, she takes them on exposure activities in the community to practice their bravery in the “real world.” From PQ Donuts, our local donut shop, to the grocery store, Dr. Gosney helps her clients verbally engage with others to practice asking for help, ordering food, and communicating their needs. Dr. Gosney not only trains families on how to continue treatment in the home and in the community, but she also trains teachers, school psychologists, school counselors, speech and language pathologists, and other school officials on how to work with children and teens with SM in the school setting. She also works on-site at local schools to help her clients begin to speak with their teacher, classmates, and other members of their school support team.
Dr. Gosney firmly believes that the best treatment is one where her client’s entire support team is working together toward a mutual goal: free speech.

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