Brenda Ray is a speech language pathologist at Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, WA. She completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Hearing Sciences as well as her Master of Science degree in Speech Language Pathology at the University of Washington. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and is licensed by the State of Washington.

She specializes in the assessment and treatment of selective mutism, including in the presence of co-morbid speech and language difficulties such as childhood apraxia of speech, speech sound disorders, and language delays. Her treatment approach centers on working with the child and their family to improve communication, reduce anxiety, and increase socialization using PCIT-SM techniques. Her research interests examine the effectiveness of disseminating evidence based training for selective mutism to school and community based providers and identifying factors that influence the effectiveness of group treatment for youth with selective mutism.

Brenda Ray, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist, Seattle Children’s
4800 Sand Point Way, NE
Seattle, WA 98105
206-987-6481 Office