Dr. Alicia Goodman is a licensed psychologist and nationally and state certified school psychologist.
She is the founder and owner of Simply Psychology, LLC in Phoenix AZ. Dr. Goodman works with children who have anxiety disorders and specializes in low incidence disorders including selective mutism(SM). She has experience working with children ages 3-17 with SM, both in the school and clinical settings. She has completed the prestigious training from the Selective Mutism Training Institute in Washington D.C. and has completed numerous hours of focused self study on SM. Parent training and school involvement are very important components of treatment.

Dr. Goodman also conducts full psycho educational evaluations and psychological evaluations, to include but not be limited to the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of Selective Mutism, Tourette Syndrome, OCD, ADHD, twice exceptional learners, gifted students, and learning disorders. She is the founder of the Mental Health Practitioners Group of Arizona with over 165 members and growing.

She is a mother of two, both gifted in very different ways, one of whom is a twice exceptional learner. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, outdoor exercise, the theater, and camping.

Dr. Alicia Goodman
2930 E Northern Ave A-105
Phoenix, AZ 85028