Dr. Aimee Kotrba is a licensed clinical psychologist in Brighton, Michigan offering expert consultation, diagnosis, and psychological treatment of Selective Mutism and other anxiety disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used to treat the child both in the office and then in natural settings. Therapy consists of development of a fear hierarchy, which ranks steps of communication by level of distress. Then, the child is encouraged to take systematic steps through the hierarchy through modeling, stimulus fading, and use of coping strategies. In order to provide a inclusive treatment program, Dr. Kotrba regularly consults with the school and assists both parents and school personnel in setting up weekly exposures (opportunities to practice being “brave” by facing fears in a methodical way outside of the clinical setting).

During her post-doctoral training, Dr. Kotrba began working with a child diagnosed with severe Selective Mutism, and became interested in gaining more training, experience, and knowledge in the treatment of SM. She is a nationally known speaker and expert in the treatment of Selective Mutism. Through her involvement with the SMA board, Dr. Kotrba hopes to promote early detection and effective treatment of Selective Mutism.

Aimee Kotrba, Ph.D.
10327 E Grand River, Suite 406
Brighton, MI 48116