Advanced Therapeutic Solutions (ATS) is a specialty clinic for anxiety disorders. ATS is most notably known for offering innovative programs to treat selective mutism, such as Adventure Camp intensive 5-day treatment for selective mutism ( In addition to offering outpatient treatment in the office, ATS is also known for providing exposure therapy to treat anxiety disorders in the community, schools, or homes, both with individuals as well as in group settings. ATS validates the need for, and aims to promote, awareness and education of selective mutism through its work with families, schools, and other pediatric providers, so that more children can be identified and treated early. It is ATS’ mission to provide effective treatments, instill hope, and bring about empowerment and change.

ATS Clinical Specialists

ats_andrea_brandon_125x150Andrea Brandon, Psy.D., HSPP, ABPP, is a board-certified clinical child and adolescent psychologist and a Certified Parent Child Interaction Therapy adapted for Selective Mutism (PCIT-SM) therapist and trainer who specializes in the treatment selective mutism (SM) and associated anxiety disorders. The treatment of selective mutism extends well beyond the office hour and setting; thus, Dr. Brandon facilitates community and school-based exposures to help generalize speaking behaviors. Dr. Brandon offers extended sessions and the intensive treatment of SM, which can reduce the time of impairment of your child or adolescent’s speaking behaviors. Dr. Brandon also provides school-based and other professional consultation to educate and provide coaching to those who interact with children with selective mutism, in order to optimize speaking success in all settings of a child’s life.

Dr. Brandon earned her board certification in Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) in 2016. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology in 2010 from Adler University in Chicago, Illinois, after having completed her pre-doctoral internship at the Children’s Institute, Inc., in Los Angeles, California.

ats_theresa_baker_gabby_125x150Theresa Baker Gabby, LCSW earned her master’s degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, with emphasis in school social work and children/families. Ms. Gabby has a history of working in Chicago Public Schools, including four years at an elementary school and two years at a therapeutic school. Her experience includes conducting functional analyses and implementing behavioral interventions in the school setting. In addition to holding LCSW credentials, Ms. Gabby is certified as an alcohol and drug counselor by the State of Illinois and as a trauma specialist by the National Institute of Trauma and Loss in Children. Pursuing her interest in selective mutism, Ms. Gabby trained as a counselor for Advanced Therapeutic Solutions’ (ATS) Adventure Camp, the only intensive group therapy in the Chicago area to treat selective mutism. In 2013, Ms. Gabby joined ATS and currently provides specialized assessment and treatment of children with selective mutism, including individual exposure therapy, parent training, and social skills groups for anxious youth, as well as specialized school interventions, teacher training with live coaching, and school consultations to support progress in children with selective mutism.

ats_carmen_lynas_125x150Carmen M. Tumialán Lynas, Ph.D. received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Palo Alto University in CA. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Northwestern University Medical School’s Stone Institute of Psychiatry and her post-doctoral fellowship at Shared Vision Psychological Services, treating both children and adults. Motivated by her passion to help children and families coping with selective mutism, Dr. Lynas founded Advanced Therapeutic Solutions (ATS), which houses the Selective Mutism Program and aims to provide appropriate and effective selective mutism treatment. With the launch of Adventure Camp in 2011, Dr. Lynas became the first in the nation to replicate Dr. Steven Kurtz’s Brave Buddies Selective Mutism intensive program, making this innovative treatment available in the Chicago area for the first time. At ATS, Dr. Lynas provides cognitive behavioral therapy, parent training, teacher training, and specialized consultation to therapists who seek to learn how to treat selective mutism, as well as running Adventure Camp yearly. Known for her work, Dr. Lynas provides school in-service trainings, specialist school consultations, school interventions, and school district-approved assessments of children with selective mutism.

ats_ashley_omeara_125x150Ashley O’Meara, Ed.D., ABSNP earned her master’s degree in Social Science Research from the University of Chicago, her doctorate in Educational Psychology from National-Louis University, and a certificate in School Neuropsychology from Texas Woman’s University. She is a board certified School Psychologist and American Board School Neuropsychologist Diplomate. She has specialized training in trans-disciplinary play based assessments as well as the assessment and diagnosis of early childhood disorders, autism, ADHD, and selective mutism. In 2011, Dr. O’Meara was one of the original counselors trained for Adventure Camp, the only intensive group therapy in the Chicago area to treat selective mutism, hosted by Advanced Therapeutic Solutions (ATS). Dr. O’Meara has since become a supervisor and co-facilitator of Adventure Camp. Currently, her role at ATS includes providing specialized psychoeducational testing from a school neuropsychological perspective. Dr. O’Meara is one of very few school neuropsychologist diplomates in the Chicago area, and quite possibly one of the only, if not the only, Chicago-area school neuropsychologists with extensive knowledge of selective mutism. With this unique combination of skills, Dr. O’Meara approaches the psychoeducational testing process in a manner that not only yields valid results for children with selective mutism, but also yields applicable recommendations that schools can use to address a student’s psychoeducational needs with an understanding of how those needs may interact with selective mutism.

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