Unspoken Words: A Child’s View of Selective Mutism


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By Sophia Blum
Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum editor.

Unspoken Words: A Child’s View of Selective Mutism, is the first book of its kind! It’s written by a teenager who suffered from Selective Mutism. This unique book is directed to children with Selective Mutism as well as for parents, professionals and teachers to help them understand a child’s unspoken words when unable to speak and express themselves. Sophia Blum is Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum’s daughter and wrote this book to help others understand. ‘Unspoken Words’ begins with a letter to children helping them to know they are not alone and others feel as they do. The book also includes a letter to parents, professionals and teachers reading the book as well with the goal of helping them understand what a child with SM feels like, may be wanting to say, but can’t regarding various social settings, such as in public, with guests at home, friends who visit and with teachers/peers at school. The bulk of the book includes well-written and insightful sayings that children may be saying or actions they may be taking and then explains what they really may be meaning. Beautiful illustrations are included throughout to help ‘see’ what the child may be feeling. Finally, Sophia has written her story, Beneath my Shell, as a way of explaining her feelings while suffering in silence. Sophie’s story is detailed, introspective, heartwarming and inspirational as she describes her personal journey to overcome Selective Mutism. Dr Elisa Shipon-Blum has a section called, ‘From a Mom’s Perspective’ where she tells her story of when Sophie was young, Sophie’s journey to overcoming Selective Mutism and hence the fuel to Dr. Shipon-Blum’s life mission to understand and treat children suffering in silence.

All proceeds for this book will be used towards the education and public awareness of Selective Mutism