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Selective Mutism and Social Anxiety Disorder: Learning to Socialize and Communicate within the Real World (DVD)


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(note that this title is sold on DVD)

By Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum

This 3 disc set includes 2 audio CD’s, PDF handouts, and 1 CD-ROM. This set replays an actual 2 hour lecture presentation given by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum at a conference and includes many case examples to illustrate strategies and interventions. You can watch and listen from your computer, listen in your car, or print handouts to share with others. This presentation outlines strategies to help selectively mute children in handling REAL WORLD dilemmas such as: answering/making phone calls, handling social gatherings and parties, interacting with relatives and family friends, having friends over and going to a friend’s house, interacting and responding to store clerks, giving an order in a restaurant, going to summer camp, family vacations, doctor and dentist visits, handling emergencies in and out of the home, dealing with peer pressures, and many more!