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Webinars for Treating Professionals, Parents and Caregivers

Webinar Parents Helping Kids with SM: What’s Too Much? What’s Not Enough? from June 2021

For loving caregivers, it is challenging to see your child in distress. It can be difficult to grapple with the fact that ‘rescuing’ a child from moments of distress can actually do more harm than good. When we make it too easy for an anxious child with selective mutism not to talk, we inadvertently reinforce their habit of avoidance. It teaches them …

Webinar Medications as Part of a Selective Mutism Treatment Plan: Who? What? When? Why? How? How long? from June 2021

The decision to try adding medicine to a treatment plan for your child with Selective Mutism is often a very agonizing one. No parent ever wakes up and says, “Gee, I’d love to give my young child a psychotropic medication today.” Rather you wrestle with the decision. Do we need it? Will there be side effects? Will it hurt my child in the long run? Will it change their personality? How long will they need to be on it?

Webinar Maximizing Cognitive and Behavioral Interventions for Selective Mutism from March 2021

In this webinar, Katelyn Reed, MS, LLP will discuss how to maximize cognitive and behavioral interventions for use with clients with Selective Mutism. A particular emphasis will be placed on the use of exposure therapy and the specific skills that are used to facilitate speech. This program is intended for both parents and professionals.

Webinar Culturally Responsive Treatment and The Cultural Formulation Interview in Youth with Selective Mutism and Anxiety from March 2021

This webinar will discuss the importance of emphasizing cultural context in our clinical work with youth and families. Then, the cultural formulation interview (CFI) will be described. How to gather culturally relevant information to incorporate into case conceptualization and treatment planning in the context of selective mutism and anxiety will be discussed.

Webinar What are the Executive Functions and Are They Important in Selective Mutism and Childhood Anxiety Disorders? from January 2021

The executive functions are seminal components in children’s development and adjustment. When thinking of child and adolescent disorders, most executive function investigations have focused on excessive behaviors such poor attention control, impulsivity, and aggression. However, the executive functions play a role in anxiety disorders as well. They are important in …

Webinar My Journey Through Silence: A Young Adult’s Perspective on Selective Mutism
from September 2020

Jonathan Kohlmeier was diagnosed with selective mutism at age 5. Through extensive therapy he was able to overcome his SM. At the age of 19 he wrote a book about his experiences called Learning to Play the Game: My Journey Through Silence. From not speaking to a single classmate in kindergarten to eventually being on his high school debate team, Jonathan will talk about his journey and answer questions. Moderating the discussion will be Dr. Steven Kurtz, Jonathan’s own doctor who helped him challenge his SM as a child.

Webinars for Treating Professionals

Webinar S-CAT® Treatment and Strategies to Help Children/Teens with Selective Mutism Speak in School from October 2020

Jennifer Brittingham, a licensed professional counselor at the SMart Center, discusses:
– What is S-CAT® -Social Communication Anxiety Treatment?
-S-CAT® and the treatment of Selective Mutism
-Diagnostic criteria, etiology, and presenting symptoms
-Contributing factors to SM
-Goals of S-CAT®
-S-CAT® strategies at home and within the school setting
-Using S-CAT® across educational platforms and current pandemic. Tools for transition.

Webinar My PCIT: A Personalized Version of PCIT for Culturally Diverse Families from August 2020

This webinar will highlight a program developed to personalize Parent-Child Interaction Therapy designed to be responsive to particular parent explanatory models. Personalization is based on the assessment of modifiable, culturally-influenced PEM targets prior to the start of PCIT and the provision of corresponding tools to therapists to increase the cultural congruence of the intervention with relevant parent explanatory models. This type of method provides flexibility in the application of adaptations, tailored to the assessment of culturally-influenced constructs across racial/ethnic groups.

Webinar Practical Applications to Enhance Motivation in the Treatment of Adolescents with Selective Mutism from July, 2020

There is a subset of the population whose selective mutism persists into adolescence. Developmental factors in teenagers can hinder motivation. Therefore, strategies have been recommended to help motivate and engage adolescents in treatment.

Webinar Your Questions Answered: Enhancing Motivation in the Treatment of Adolescents with Selective Mutism – Part II from October, 2020

During “Enhancing Motivation in the Treatment of Adolescents with SM – Part I”, Dr. Shelley Avny presented the “whys” and “hows” of enhancing treatment motivation and engagement among adolescents with Selective Mutism. Part II is broken down into several themes, guided by audience questions from Part I. These themes include: the virtual era (school and therapy), parent involvement (reducing enabling and using supportive techniques), scaffolding and scaling back exposures, medication, and rewards/contingencies.

Webinar Using Telehealth for Selective Mutism from July, 2020

Join Dr. Rachel Busman, Dr. Jami Furr, Dr. Steven Kurtz, Aileen Herrera and Katelyn Reed as they discuss using telehealth while treating selective mutism. The panel covers …

Webinars for Parents and Caregivers

Webinar Selective Mutism 101: Myths, Tips, and Treatment from October, 2020

Do you suspect that your child has selective mutism or has your child recently been diagnosed? Are you seeking a better understanding of this disorder and how to best help your child? If you are like most parents, you have many questions and are struggling to find answers. Please join Rachel Busman, Psy.D., ABPP as she discusses the distinguishing characteristics and diagnostic features of Selective Mutism.

Webinar Courage at Camp with Rachel Merson from June, 2020

Are you looking to help a child with Selective Mutism successfully navigate the world of summer camps? Join Dr. Rachel Merson as she discusses how to support children with SM in engaging at and speaking in camp programs this summer. Whether camp attendance is virtual or in-person, strategies will be provided for setting and accomplishing brave talking goals, particularly with consideration to coronavirus-related changes.

Webinar Managing Anxiety in the Face of COVID-19 from July, 2020

Keeping children’s anxiety at bay can be challenging while navigating these uncertain times of COVID-19. Join Dr. Rachel Busman and Dr. Jami Furr as they share tips for mitigating your child’s and teen’s anxiety.

These webinars were made possible by a generous grant from the Gordon and Marilyn Macklin Foundation, Inc.