• Webinar Practical Applications to Enhance Motivation in the Treatment of Adolescents with Selective Mutism from July, 2020 –
    There is a subset of the population whose selective mutism persists into adolescence. Developmental factors in teenagers can hinder motivation. Therefore, strategies have been recommended to help motivate and engage adolescents in treatment.
  • Webinar Using Telehealth for Selective Mutism from July, 2020 –
    Join Dr. Rachel Busman, Dr. Jami Furr, Dr. Steven Kurtz, Aileen Herrera and Katelyn Reed as they discuss using telehealth while treating selective mutism. The panel covers …
  • Webinar Managing Anxiety in the Face of COVID-19 from July, 2020 –
    Keeping children’s anxiety at bay can be challenging while navigating these uncertain times of COVID-19. Join Dr. Rachel Busman and Dr. Jami Furr as they share tips for mitigating your child’s and teen’s anxiety.
  • Webinar Courage at Camp with Rachel Merson from June, 2020 –
    Are you looking to help a child with Selective Mutism successfully navigate the world of summer camps? Join Dr. Rachel Merson as she discusses how to support children with SM in engaging at and speaking in camp programs this summer. Whether camp attendance is virtual or in-person, strategies will be provided for setting and accomplishing brave talking goals, particularly with consideration to coronavirus-related changes.