coverby Gary Mayerson
Amazon price: $24.95
Publisher: Drl Books (July 30, 2004)
ISBN: 0966526686
The guide that every parent must have! Gary Mayerson has devoted his career in law to helping children with autism get the fair and appropriate education that they need and deserve. In this field guide, he brings parents up to speed quickly and efficiently on the ways educational bureaucracies work—or more importantly, don’t —for children with special needs. In addition to providing inside information on the “must-do’s” and “must don’ts” in advocating for your child in the educational system, there are also strategies on how to prepare for an IEP meeting, what to do when children don’t get crucial services, and how to avoid due process. Armed with solid information, parents will be empowered with all of the tools they need to advocate for their child’s education. The practical and straightforward approaches presented in this must-have guide are not only applicable to children with autism spectrum disorders, but to children with any disability.