In an effort to ensure that you have quick and easy access to all the useful information you may need, SMA offers its Recommended Reading List below. The Recommended Reading List is organized by content area to make your search for additional information more convenient for you.

A Word of Caution

Please note that when making purchases directly from SMA’s Recommended Reading List that some of the books are offered via the SMA online Bookstore and some books are offered via Amazon directly. This is important to understand because you might try to purchase books from both SMA and Amazon, but may not notice that SMA has a different shopping cart from Amazon. The intention is not to confuse you, but rather to give you an opportunity to gain access to books that SMA recommends but does not currently stock or sell.

Books that are offered via the SMA online Bookstore are generally priced more competitively than Amazon, because SMA has partnered with certain authors to negotiate significant cost savings for you. Books that SMA does not carry in its online Bookstore can be purchased, but they are linked directly to a separate shopping cart owned and managed by Amazon.

SMA has established a relationship with Amazon so SMA can make it more convenient for you to purchase books that SMA does not currently offer in its online Bookstore, but SMA assumes no responsibility for orders placed through Amazon. Should you have any questions or concerns about orders placed through Amazon, please contact Amazon directly.