Shyness is a normal personality trait. It is marked by a voluntary tendency to withdraw from people, particularly unfamiliar people. Everyone has some degree of shyness; it may be experienced a lot, a little bit or somewhere in between. Shyness, like other inheritable traits, such as height and eye color, is largely influenced by genes (Stein & Walker, 2002). Shyness is not a psychiatric disorder like SM, social phobia and avoidant personality disorder which all characterize different forms of extreme inhibition that interferes with a person’s daily functioning. People who are shy are able to function adequately in society. Shyness may fluctuate and change as a person matures and encounters new social challenges without treatment (Carducci, 1999). People with psychiatric disorders such as SM do not adapt well to social situations nor are they able to communicate effectively with others. They may have limited academic and occupational achievement and require treatment in order to overcome their symptoms and function at an adaptable level.