Disclaimer: When therapists treat children with SM, there are numerous ways that they gather all of the information needed and gain knowledge of that particular child’s needs. These include multiple detailed questionnaires, interviews with parent(s) and/or teachers, meeting the child and/or viewing videotapes, etc. Only through using all of the necessary tools in a consultation can a doctor or therapist make informed decisions about the best treatment plan for that child. Therefore, to try to answer specific questions or give specific treatment advice in the format of ‘Ask the Expert’ would be unethical and potentially harmful to the child. Members must understand that the ‘Ask the Expert’ service is not a consultation service. This benefit is being provided for parents to gain a better understanding of general concepts about SM and to gain feedback on issues that may need to be discussed with the child’s treating professional, teachers, etc. The responses provided to ‘Ask the Expert’ questions do not imply a doctor-patient relationship and are not meant to take the place of appropriate therapy for the child.