My daughter Molly is 8 yrs old, 100 lbs. Just started Paxil taking 1 teaspoon per @day. What is the highest dose you would recommend to see any change for her? (she started out 1 week at 1/2tsp then up to 1tsp) Paxil 10mg/5ml thanks


This is difficult to answer. Are you doing behavior therapy along with medication?? Behavioral modification techniques need to be done with MEDICATION. Using meds without behavior is doing your child a disservice. She needs to learn valuable coping skills and needs to become adjusted to social settings, such as school. I have seen way too many kids on meds alone with minimal progress, and then when behavioral techniques are instituted, the children make tremendous progress. The goals for medication are to use the LOWEST amount of medication necessary to do the behavioral techniques that will help lower anxiety in social settings, build self-esteem and build confidence in social settings, such as school. From this info, you can understand why it is difficult to answer your ‘dosage’ question.

Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum