I am desperately trying to find out what the normal rule of thumb is for how much time is adequate between increasing the doses of medication. My daughter (7 1/2) just began Zoloft a week ago at 25mg. Her doctor suggested increasing to 50mg after one week. I’m concerned this is too soon for an increase because all info. I’ve received about meds. stressed to proceed slowly for best results. We were hoping to be prescribed Prozac but our children’s doctor and a child psychiatrist chose Zoloft as they feel there are less possible side effects. Most of the info I’ve read on your site have described cases using Prozac with positive results. Could you tell me the differences between these two medications including the pros and cons and why Prozac seems to the first choice in the States. We live in Switzerland by the way. Most so called experts we’ve encountered here have little knowledge and/or hands on experience with SM children so this is also my reason for proceeding cautiously. I want to be sure every step of the way. I am hoping you will be able and willing to send me a reply. It will be graciously appreciated. Thank you.


I agree, the dosages of Zoloft that this Dr wants to use, in my experience, are WAY TOO HIGH. Starting on 6.25 of Zoloft is more like it…..and regulating depending on your child’s response. A dose like you are describing will not cause faster or better results but will actually just increase side effects. Zoloft and Prozac are very similar….I have had results with both, although, I use Prozac a more…just because of the positive side effect profile and favorable responses. The key is starting super LOW, and giving more is often more troublesome than giving less!

Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum