I was at the conference and you said to e-mail you about getting some advice. My child is the one that quit talking to us after my husband came home on for break from Iraq. Now he is home for good. Still not talking but is writing more than she was doing. They put her on zoloft and now I need some help on goals on how to help her. If you need more info let me know.



There is NO way to create goals to ‘get her to talk’ without knowing WHY she has become mute after her dad returned home. Her anxiety heightened, but why? This needs to be determined by a thorough evaluation. Goals cannot be set before a comprehensive evaluation is done. Then, based on your child’s unique needs/characteristics a treatment plan can be developed. Random goals cannot just be created. NO clinician can determine what KINDS of goals without a thorough evaluation simply because I nor anyone else, understands the nature of your child’s mutism…There are countless tactics as you learned about at the conference…and the choosing of tactics/goals are put together in an organized way…based on the individual. It would be wonderful if there was a one size fits all treatment plan, but there is not.

Your first step: Speak to your treating professional as to the need to determine WHY your child became mute with everyone once Dad came back. Until this is determined, progress will be very limited.

Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum