Playing the tape is enabling others to hear her voice…this is positive! Many children are scared and uncomfortable for others to hear their voices…so, I see this as step in the correct direction. However, what needs to be done now is to use her enjoyment (and comfort with taping) as PART of your treatment plan to help her progress communicatively. i.e, spending one on one time with you and her teacher and playing the tape where she begins to mouth the words to the tape…and then perhaps a game where she can turn on and off the tape while mouthing so the teacher can try to figure out whether it was her speaking or the tape! In addition, playing this similar game with peers, especially during playdates, then transferring this to the school environment where she can continue this game…especially with the child she is already whispering to. Using VERBAL CUES with a child who is whispering is a great way to stimulate speaking louder Also, the use of the verbal intermediary with her friend…whispering at a set distance and increasing the distance.

Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum