I wholeheartedly agree with you…continue to wean your son! He has been successfully weaned down to 15 mg with no setbacks, why not try and remove him completely. I have mentioned many times in previous letters that studies indicate that 9-12 months is enough time to ‘reset’ the body to successfully be able to produce the mood-altering hormone, seratonin. So, why not give it a try.

I would decrease by 2.5 mg every 2 weeks, and see how it goes….take it slow and I think you may be pleasantly surprised! Do not be surprised if your son takes a little bit of ‘a step back’…as far as some increased shyness, etc, but I doubt very highly if his mutism will return again. A big key to these children that are successfully treated is that they NOW ‘see themselves’ as TALKERS..therefore, it is rare for them to go back to being mute.

You mentioned a sensory integration disorder with food. Sensory issues are very very common with SM kids…or any child with anxiety issues; simply because seratonin. It is thought to be related to sensory integration. I recently read some studies on this exact subject, I will try and locate them and send them to you.

My advice, try and wean. Why keep a child on medication indefinitely. As you know, we truly do not know the long term consequences of these drugs. I treat Prozac, and the other similar medications as a ‘JUMP START’ for a SM child….I never plan on keeping a child on these medications longer than 1 year, before I try and wean them.