I have a girl that is turning 5 in two weeks and has been SM for about 2 years now, but has always shown signs since birth. We have not tried meds yet. I’m getting to the point that I’m starting to push in that direction. But, sometimes I feel it is more of a power struggle with her anxiety. Have you found this to be the case with some SM children. If yes that is why I wonder if meds are the way to go. I should add she was diagnosed by two different therapists one feels it is all anxiety, the other feels she has some anxiety but for some reason she needs to control others. What is your input? I understand that you will not be able to analyze my daughter but I hope with your expertise you can give me something to go on. Also, do you know of any programs on California in LA or Orange County?


What you have described with your child; the ‘control’ issue is VERY common among SM children….so join the club! Stubbornness is a predominant characteristic of most SM kids! Regarding ‘control’, my theory is this; most SM children, that truly have anxiety, try and ‘control’ various aspects of their life as a means of handling their own inner anxiety. Perhaps this is how some SM children started out ..trying to control their environment by not speaking! I do not mean in a willful, defiant way, but in a subconscious way. But, I truly believe that the majority, although most have many control issues, are truly UNABLE to speak. As children get older, say 5, 6 or 7 years old, and are still SM, most will tell you that they just can NOT speak, that the words just do not come out. I would stick with the therapist that stated your daughter’s SM is an anxiety!!