My 6 year old daughter has been in therapy for about a year. She has made some progress, but recently seems to be getting more anxious. For example, there are about 4 children whom she used to speak to, but has now stopped. We are considering beginning medication on her. Do you think this is wise and what medication do you recommend?


You mention your child has been in therapy for about a year. I wonder what type of therapy has been done. Has she been involved in treatment that focuses on her SM and helps her develop the communication skills and lowered anxiety as well as the necessary coping skills (accommodate UP/DOWN in terms of communication…nonverbal/transition into verbal/verbal depending upon her anxiety level)?

Also, what is causing her sudden anxiety? Are there expectations that she is feeling from school personnel or peers? Something has caused her to feel more anxious…since she was doing well.

In terms of medication. I am an advocate of this when needed…and perhaps now is the time (I am unable to make this determination) but focus needs to be on 1) Helping to determine what has caused your child SUDDEN anxiety that is causing a regression AND 2) Treatment focusing on helping her build the coping skills via developing communication skills…so that when anxiety is higher, she will not resort back to SM.

Using meds without doing the above will only mask the situation.

Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum