By joining the SMA community you will become part of the largest, most comprehensive charitable organization in the world that is 100% dedicated to Selective Mutism and related childhood anxiety disorders.

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Being a member means finally being among people who understand Selective Mutism and can share your joys (when your child first whispered “hello” to the teacher) and frustrations (explaining to relatives for the 100th time that your child is not just being stubborn).

Since so few understand Selective Mutism, our mission is to increase public awareness of Selective Mutism and related childhood anxiety disorders, to promote greater understanding of these disorders through education and research and to provide support to professionals, affected individuals and their families.

In appreciation of our community of members who support our mission, SMA offers the following special membership benefits. Together, we can Rid the Silence!

Membership Types

SMA offers two different types of membership, both of which provide exclusive access to valuable services, support, guidance and online features targeted to further increase awareness and build the knowledge and skills for early detection and treatment for children with Selective Mutism. Additional opportunities and targeted services are currently being developed for our members, as a way to continually support our SMA community.

Individual/Family Membership

The Individual/Family Membership category is for individuals and families who wish to become part of SMA’s community to learn more about Selective Mutism by using the interactive features and benefits available to them. SMA members are able to utilize SMA’s comprehensive web site to become more informed about how to detect the signs of SM and learn about ways to appropriately find help and support. Membership brings individuals and parents great value, as there are exclusive services not available to visitors such as getting connected directly to experts in the field, linking up with other individuals and families around the country, receiving significant discounts on purchases and SMA conference registrations, as well as a host of other value-added services and opportunities to learn. To review the benefits that are associated with an Individual/Family membership, please click here.

Treating Professional Membership

The Treating Professional Membership is exclusively for treating professionals in a position to recognize the signs and treat selective mutism. This may include but is not limited to: psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, school psychologists, pediatricians, family practice physicians, and speech and language pathologists. Membership in the SMA community allows you the unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field of selective mutism and related childhood disorders. You can keep abreast of research and journal publications in the field, network with other treating professionals, and promote your practice to the many individuals and families who seek help and support from our organization. To learn more about the exclusive professional member benefits, please click here.

Group Discount

If you would like to sign up as a Group of 5 or more treating professionals from a single practice, please email for more information.

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