Your participation is essential in helping researchers better understand Selective Mutism which may lead to more effective treatments that will ultimately help all of us impacted by the disorder. The more research conducted regarding Selective Mutism, the better the awareness and treatments will be. Historically, SM research has been based on small sample sizes because it is difficult to obtain a large number of participants. We need to change that! We need to narrow the gap between research and practice for selective mutism. Every person and child should be able to have their voices heard!

Benefits to You as an Individual

Participation does require commitment, but this is often accompanied by improved treatment for your child! Most research includes thorough diagnostic interviews by trained mental health professionals – resulting in information about a specific child that may be helpful in treatment. Also, a number of studies offer free treatment as compensation – children may get cutting-edge treatment at no cost.

Benefits to the Community

Your participation leads to larger sample sizes and research that gets published in higher quality journals. It also makes the point with funding agencies that this is a real problem, which might affect more people than previously realized. If we can make that point, those who make funding decisions might be more likely to put in resources which in turn could lead to even more science.

Research Studies Needing Your Participation

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