I am a doctoral student in the School of Psychology of Northcentral University, studying Health Psychology. I am looking to interview 12 Behavioral Health Professionals that have treated children diagnosed with Selective Mutism for my doctoral dissertation titled “Effective Treatment Options for Children Diagnosed with Selective Mutism. The interviews will be recorded with an audio recorder to make sure that the Clinician’s responses are recorded correctly. While I cannot offer any payment for your participation, the results may be used to help other Behavioral Health Clinicians develop appropriate intervention strategies for treating children with Selective Mutism. Each interview will take about 20-40 minutes and will help me to understand your perspectives and personal experiences treating children diagnosed with Selective Mutism.

Requirements to participate in the study:

1. One or more years working as a Behavioral Health Professional working with children diagnosed with Selective Mutism.

2. Membership through the New Haven Regional EMDR or EMDRIA or Membership through the Selective Mutism Association (SMA).

If you meet these requirements and are willing to participate in this study, please contact: Cara M. Powers via email at cpowers@sbhw.org or if you have additional questions about participating in the study please feel free to email me as well. A consent form will be sent to you to be signed and returned to me before the interviews begin.

Your thoughts will prove to be valuable in my study. Many thanks for your time.