It is our commitment to provide individuals affected with SM, their families and treating professionals support and the appropriate resources necessary to ensure positive change. The following sections contain valuable information to help you better understand SM and get access to professional insight and support.

SM Connections
The SMA Connections program consists of a nationwide and international support and information system. The purpose of the SMA Connections program is to provide support and accurate information to those dealing with SM.

Find a State/International Coordinator
State coordinators are located across the U.S. and are available for in-person, e-mail or phone support regarding SM and related resources in your area.

SMA has an International Coordinator who helps link up families, teachers and treating professionals across the world with the valuable information and resources that they need.

Find a Support Group
Information about state locations, contact names and phone numbers to learn more about support groups in your area.

Find a Treating Professional
SMA can provide information, support and connect you with the right resources. But oftentimes, this is not enough and seeking professional help becomes necessary. This section includes tips for searching for a treating professional in your area.

Ask The Expert
Perhaps you’ve read through our website and the library of information we provide on Selective Mutism but you still feel stuck. Do you wish you could ask your question of an expert in the field? You’ve come to the right place.