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Online CommuniCamp™ 4 Day Intensive Group Treatment & Parent Training Program from Philadelphia, PA

June 19, 2020 - June 22, 2020

SMA’s Founder and Director Emeritus, Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum, is excited to announce this online integrative treatment and training program for Selective Mutism, Social Anxiety, and extreme shyness. Virtual CommuniCamp™ allows families to participate from the comfort of their own homes, which is the perfect environment to facilitate progression into social communication since home is where our children are often most comfortable and communicative. Virtual CommuniCamp™ embodies the two-fold mission of our traditional CommuniCamp™ meaning this event: 1. integrates group experiences to help children gain comfort and communication with other peers and adults through activities often mirrored within the virtual classroom, via virtual playdates, and the “new world” of social distancing we are beginning, and 2. involves parent training and implementation throughout the day, as parents are asked to participate within the ‘virtual classroom’ experience.

Virtual CommuniCamp™ fosters parent observation, training, and facilitation (led by Dr. Elisa Shipon-Blum and Jennifer Brittingham, M.A.) while SMart Center clinicians and counselors lead and role model communication progress using Dr. E’s evidence-based S-CAT® strategies and interventions.



June 19, 2020
June 23, 2020