Annual Appeal

November 12, 2018

Dear Friend,

You play an essential role in the Selective Mutism (SM) community.
As an SMA supporter, your contribution to the community helps our organization achieve success in disseminating information and resources aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of selective mutism. Let us continue to enrich and expand the SM community of supporters like you, thus creating a more inclusive and caring environment for children who struggle with SM and need to obtain treatment.

We are asking for donations from you and other supporters that believe in the work that SMA does. As a result of obtaining treatment, a child commented, “it felt like my lips were superglued together and my words were stuck, but the glue has finally come off and I have a voice now.”

DONATE NOW to help a child with selective mutism

We are proud to share our accomplishments this year.

  • SMA hosted the Selective Mutism Training Institute in May in Washington DC. Thirty professionals were trained to offer evidence-based treatment of SM from the US and Canada.
  • SM awareness month was an active month where we worked hard to educate people about SM. SMA had SM Awareness bracelet and book giveaways, a Facebook live Q&A event, and we shared ten facts about SM over the month. Each fact reached an average of 12,350 people.
  • We hosted a 1.5-day annual conference on SM in Chicago, IL. We had a nearly even split of parents/professionals and about 165 people attended from the US and Canada. More key points to note from the event:
    • Presentations incorporated a mix of information including the latest research on SM, treatment interventions to be used in clinical practice, and information for parents on strategies that can be used with their child with SM.
    • We heard from children and young adults who have recovered from SM, and we had a social hour where people spent time connecting.
    • During the conference, we hosted our first Facebook Live Event with clinicians answering questions about SM which has been viewed more than 9000 times.

In addition to online donations, we also welcome and appreciate contributions by check made payable to “The Selective Mutism Association” and mailed to 3152 Little Road, Suite 184, Trinity, FL 34655. The Selective Mutism Association is a 501c(3) non-profit corporation, and your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Together, we will continue to help our children’s voices be heard!

With gratitude,

Louis Chesney
Board Member, Chair of Development

Lisa Kovac
Board Member, Executive Director