The schedule for April, May and June 2008 Expert Chat Sessions has been set.

The schedule for April, May and June 2008 Expert Chat Sessions has been set. You can see the schedule for Expert Chat Sessions here. For more general information see SMA’s Expert Chat Session overview

April 2008 – SM Perspectives – Focusing on Fathers

Expert: Mr. James Matteo

When treating an SM child and dealing with the challenges SM brings, it often requires baby steps. As a dad, male relative, or friend of an SM child it can be even more frustrating to face SM when there’s no quick fix. Chat with a dad whose daughter has SM, about the role dad can play in the treatment of SM and the patience it requires. This session is for fathers looking for answers and for mothers trying to help Dads become active partners in the treatment of an SM child.

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May 2008 – Therapeutic Listening

Experts: Brianne Philipps OTR/L and Sue Ford MS OTR/L

Therapeutic Listening, an evidenced based protocol is a method that helps children learn to improve their organization and integration of sounds and their surroundings thereby decreasing anxiety responses in a variety of environments. When used in partnership with sensory based techniques, Therapeutic Listening utilizes specialized music accessed through headphones to help children reorganize how they are orienting, locating and selecting sounds.

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June 2008 – Sleep Tight

Expert: Dawn Huebner, PhD

The days are hard enough, but scores of SM kids also have problems with sleep. Fears, restlessness, and brains that won’t shut off make it virtually impossible for many anxious children to simply close their eyes and go to sleep, resulting in over-dependence on parents and a weary game of musical beds.

Join psychologist and author Dawn Huebner, PhD, as she answers questions regarding helping children fall asleep and stay asleep alone.