The Selective Mutism Association (known formerly as the Selective Mutism Group-Childhood Anxiety Network), dates back to the mid-1990’s. At that time, a parent of a child with selective mutism, Mr. Robert Helta, developed a website designed to provide information on selective mutism. Like other parents, Mr. Helta was frustrated by the lack of resources available on this childhood condition. Parents and professionals in the field joined this endeavor, and a more formal group was soon created and developed under the impassioned support and direction of Dr. Elisa Shipon Blum, whereby it became an official nonprofit 501c3 organization. Since then, many professionals and parents have joined the call for more education, awareness and connection within the selective mutism community by working tirelessly to help children find their voices. Today, the Selective Mutism Association (SMA) website, with more than 10,000 users per month, effectively increases awareness and education about this disorder. The SMA actively supports families and professionals in this field by hosting an annual conference that changes location each year throughout the United States. In addition, the SMA supports research on this disorder by connecting with research institutions, provides information and support to professionals through professional trainings and an active listserv, and provides connection and information to families via social media, online resources, and expert chats. In 2016, the SMA changed its name from the Selective Mutism Group-Childhood Anxiety Network to the Selective Mutism Association to better reflect our organizational focus of selective mutism rather than a broad focus on all childhood anxiety disorders.