Ms. Ransburg is the owner of Ransburg Counseling LLC and a behavioral health therapist in Indianapolis/Carmel, Indiana. Ms. Ransburg has 18 years of clinical experience in working with diverse treatment issues. She specializes in the treatment of selective mutism, social anxiety, other anxiety disorders, and traumas. Ms. Ransburg is also a mother of a child who has successfully overcome selective mutism.

Evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy with the emphasis on the behavioral interventions is used to treat selective mutism. Each step of exposure interventions is systematically implemented based on a child’s level of fear. Behavioral interventions including stimulus fading, shaping, systematic desensitization, play activities, and positive reinforcement are implemented to assist the exposure practice of brave communication. Relaxation, communication and social skill trainings are also used to enhance a child’s confidence and ability for exposure practice.

Ms. Ransburg works closely with school personnel and families to assist them to strategize and implement the exposure practice of brave communication with a child in school and community. Ms. Ransburg is passionate about treating selective mutism, helping the child find his/her voice and their family find the hope and solution.

Hsiu-Ying Ransburg, MSW, LCSW,LCAC
Ransburg Counseling, LLC
597-599 Industrial Drive, Suite 104
Carmel, Indiana 46032