By joining the SMA community you will become part of the largest, most comprehensive charitable organization in the world that is 100% dedicated to Selective Mutism and related childhood anxiety disorders.

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There is a wide array of value-added resources and benefits available to SMA members. Please review the chart below to learn more about each member benefit and to see what benefits are available based on the SMA membership type choices. Feel free to click on the benefits and/or membership types listed in the chart to learn more about the advantages of joining the SMA community.

Membership Benefits Non-Member Individual
or Family
Annual Fee n/a $55 $55 $40 $125
SM State/International Coordinator Connections Program
Find a Treating Professional
Find a Local Support Group
Online SMA Library
Calendar of Events
Ask the Expert
Bookstore Discounts 20% 20% 20% 20%
Conference Discounts 20% 20% 20% 20%
Periodic Newsletter
SM Information Packet
Inclusion into Events Calendar
Online Professional Profile
Speaking Opportunities
Treating Professional Listserv
  • SM State/International Coordinator Connections Program

    The SM State Coordinator Connections Program is a nationwide network of volunteers that connect families and individuals to local resources, support groups, services and events. They also ensure the SM community receives timely, useful information as it relates to increasing awareness about selective mutism. State Coordinators are available in many states. Visit the Find a State/International Coordinator page on the SMA website to see if one is available in your local area.

  • Find a Treating Professional

    Looking for a treating professional in your area? SMA can help you make that connection. Visit our Find a Treating Professional page for a list of professionals who specialize in the treatment of children with selective mutism. Additionally, we provide helpful tips to consider when choosing a treating professional.

  • Find a Local Support Group

    Local support groups are forming regularly. Visit our SMA Support Groups by State page for a list of support groups and/or to learn about individuals that would like to start a group in your area.

  • Online SMA Library

    The SMA Online Library serves as a central portal of information that is intended to educate caregivers about selective mutism, as well as assist families in making informed decisions about strategically managing the disorder and finding the appropriate level of help. In addition, the SMA Online Library contains resources for professionals for use in the treatment of selective mutism. Information regarding treatment approaches is supported by research and the library is updated with further information as it becomes available.

  • Calendar of Events

    The online calendar of events is a fast, easy way check upcoming events, speaking engagements, online chat sessions, conferences and other educational opportunities are offered around the country. The calendar will continually be updated.

  • Ask the Expert

    Perhaps you have read through our website and the library of information we provide on selective mutism but you still feel stuck. Do you wish you could ask an expert in the field your questions? The opportunity to Ask the Expert is one of the exciting member benefits of the SMA.

  • Bookstore Discounts

    SMA members are entitled to discounts on product purchases from our online Bookstore. Upon log-in to the SMA website, members are recognized and will automatically receive discounts at time of purchase.

  • Conference Discounts

    SMA members are entitled to discounts when registering for SMA conferences. As time draws nearer to these conferences, members will receive communications about discount opportunities available, such as early bird registration.

  • Periodic Newsletter

    Quarterly electronic Newsletters with useful, timely information about SMA, selective mutism, new products and services, upcoming events, success stories, ongoing research, and spotlights on treating professional members, state coordinators and/or caregivers are sent throughout the year.

  • Inclusion into Calendar of Events

    SMA wants to help treating professional members market and promote their upcoming speaking engagements as a means to increase awareness about selective mutism and spread the word about opportunities to learn from each other. As events are being planned, treating professional members can contact SMA to post relevant event information within the Calendar of Events on the website.

  • Online Professional Profile

    Another way that SMA can help market and promote your practice is to include your professional biography and picture on the Find a Treating Professional page on the SMA website. Families and individuals seeking help for their child can easily access the biographies of treating professionals in their area and read more about their practice, specialties, research and overall SM philosophy and approach.

  • Speaking Opportunities

    SMA offers speaking engagement opportunities at conferences and events.

  • Treating Professional Listserv

    The SMA treating professional listserv is an active email forum wherein professionals communicate regarding various issues relating to treatment including sharing ideas regarding cases, referral information, new research, and upcoming events/recruitment for research studies, etc.